How to look leaner? The Best Tips Ever

How to look leaner? The Best Tips Ever

Look thinner, not the problem, but, that all women always want to look thinner, a sign that they are not satisfied with ones own body. Who is lean wants to look slimmer is still, women are dissatisfied, but they are always worried about improving to feel good. With the tricks you will see below will help to look more lean. Check out:

Thick Legs

There are many women who have thick legs and they loathe. You can not understand why having thick legs is beautiful. See some tricks:

1st trick - use the shoe that matches the color of your skin or the clothing you are wearing. Per For example, if you are going to wear leggings with a long-leg boot, use the two pieces of the same color, as this will stretch and tune the legs;

2nd trick - Shoes that stand out from the outside extend the legs and leave them fine;

3rd trick - use always shorts that are wider in the legs, as they give the impression of that the legs are thin.

Long hips

For the wide hips the tricks are very basic, check out below:

1st trick - use skirts or dresses that are with cut evasé, because they mark the waist and are Droplets down. Already the pants must be with the straight cut and in the colors dark, as they decrease hip measurements visually;

2nd trick - use vertical stamping and are discrete. Preferably to the higher tones soft, such as grays, turquoise, beige, among others so that shapes do not get big;

3rd trick - Remember that pieces of clothing that thin at the ankle leave the hip more long Prefer spare parts;

4th trick - Use blazers, coats and blouses, all below hip height, otherwise will give the impression of a wider hip.

Outgoing tummy

1st trick - Use blouses that are loose on the part of the belly. They help disguise the silhouette;

2nd trick ? The dresses that are more open at the bottom, do not leave the body marked and lengthen the silhouette.

Big Bust

For those who have big breasts and want to disguise the tricks are very easy. Check out:

1st trick ? In preference to square necklines, since they decrease the breasts. The V-necklines they are the jokers, since they do not tighten the breasts and tend to diminish them;

2nd trick ? Blouses that have frills and embroidery make the breasts bigger, so they should be avoided.

I hope you enjoyed the tips.