6 ways to take the orange shade of blonde hair

6 ways to take the orange shade of blonde hair

It is hard for a woman not to be blonde nowadays. If not genetically she chooses to paint the hair of blonde, or making strands or using ink. The problem is in keeping the blond tresses, because they insist on orange over time, especially those that use coloring. See here in article 6 ways to take the orange tone of blonde hair.

Blonde Hair: why do they turn orange?

There are three reasons that your hair will turn orange, such as: use products that are not of good quality, apply the coloration to the hair of Wrong way and do not periodically tint the hair that has lights. Not matter the reason of the orange, because here you will find infallible tips, check out:

See here 6 ways to leave your blond hair without the orange

1st form - Tone hair using gray reflective toner with hydrogen peroxide volume 20. Mix the two ingredients and apply to the hair whenever respecting the action time of the toner;

2nd form - Use Keraton silver with cream treatment. Mix 6 tablespoons of white treatment with two tablespoons of keraton silver. Mix everything and apply on hair over all wires let it act for 10 minutes then wash the hair.

3rd form - Mix toner with color enhancer, you see, put too little of the non-toning enhancer. The effect is to tint the hair color and highlight the lights correcting the orange color.

4th form - Neutral pH shampoo with toner, mix in half the toner 2 spoonfuls of pH-neutral shampoo, plus 4 tablespoons of filtered water with plus 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide volume 20. Apply in the hair let act for about 15 minutes.

5th form - Use one Good quality tint, as they, in addition to lightening the hair also remove the orange tone from the locks. Apply according to the instructions of the packaging.

6th form - Shower brightness with toner. The mixture of the two leaves the hair with appearance healthy and yet eliminates the orange color of the threads. Mix with a grayish-blonde tint, a cup of filtered water, plus a spoonful of 20 volume hydrogenated soup and two tablespoons shampoo preference. Mix all ingredients well and then apply to the hair wet. Leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Your bangs will go stay beautiful.