5 tricks to lose weight without going to the gym

5 tricks to lose weight without going to the gym

Can you imagine losing weight without going to the gym? Not? Well, know that this is possible. With some tricks and tips you can lose weight and get fit without leaving home. You want to know how it is possible? Then read the article through.

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Is it possible to lose weight without making an effort? Know that it is possible Yes, because with the tricks below you will see that it is true. Check out:

1st trick - Drink water before the main meals

Studies have shown that people who drink two water ½ hour before main meals lose much more weight than those They want to eat soon. Know that the amount of liquid before lunch and before dinner accelerates metabolism by up to 30% within two hours;

2nd trick - Stay attentive to what you eat

Did you know that when you eat food when you are having fun consuming more than necessary? Thats right, so never have dinner or dine watching TV, or tinkering with the phone. Dispense these time to feed. Be more attentive to the foods you have on the plate, enjoy, short the moment, this way you will eat less and stay sated;

3rd trick - Add chocolate to the menu

Did you know that? chocolate bitter is the best chocolate that exists for health? In addition to satiating more it also speeds up metabolism, acts as an antioxidant fighting radicals free. Make bitter chocolate your best friend. People who eat chocolate bitter at breakfast eat about 17% less at lunch.

4th trick - Use smaller dishes

The smaller the dish, the less food you serve, consequently eat less. Eating in smaller containers can achieve the brand of 500 calories less per day. So do not be greedy by choosing the food serving dish chooses the smaller one.

5th trick - Sleep better

People who can not sleep well at night end up consuming more food during the day because they feel more hungry and consume more during meals. You should watch what causes you to lose the sleep at night to change your habits and go to sleep better to get good health and keep fit.

With the above tricks you already know what to do to lose weight at home without having to go to the gym.