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Our site is taken very seriously by the confidentiality of your data and we do not save your information in any way. The text is displayed to disclose the privacy policy of the application used on

It details our privacy policy as collects, stores, and uses the information collected through the application. guarantees the confidentiality of the personal information that you provide us by entering our website, you can be sure that we will never store and disclose your personal information to third parties.

The agrees not to abuse the information provided by the user through the application, as authorizations through the Facebook dialogue are requested, you can be sure that the information will only be used in accordance with this policy. can change your policies at any time through this section. This privacy policy was updated on March 4, 2018. If we make changes to the site, there may be changes to the policy as well, and it is your duty to review those changes to ensure they are in compliance with all terms of our policy. policies.

Information Used
We collect basic information about your profile, especially the name, profile photos and Facebook ID to get the profile photo used in certain tests.

We need this information to understand your needs and improve the user experience with the application, and in particular to create fun images to share with your friends on Facebook.

We do not sell, exchange or otherwise transfer your information to third parties.

We guarantee and assure the best way possible that your information is safe. The use of the information is temporary while the test results are processed and are never stored by us.

Will they disclose the information to third parties?
We will not sell, market or transfer your information to third parties. is not responsible for any illegal activity on Facebook. We do not have any information about Facebook. By using this site, you are complying with our policies.

Web Cookies
This site may also host web cookies. Web cookies are typically pixel by pixel, visible or invisible, placed within the source code of a site's pages. Cookies are used in a similar way to cookies. In addition, Web cookies are typically used to measure the traffic of users who visit a site and can design a pattern of users of a site.

Third Party Advertising and Cookies:
Advertising companies may use and collect anonymous information about their interests to customize the content of the ads. Information such as location or interests can be connected to your device but not connected to your identity. These companies have their own privacy policies. Click the links to view the policies of these sites:

Google Adsense Privacy Policy

The results of this page are merely as a form of entertainment and fun, and should not be taken as serious results. Calculations are based on people's interactions on your timeline, such as tastings, comments, and posts.